Handgym Excerciser Ball

The “Handgym” has been created to optimize the entire rehabilitation process, in an effective and economic way.

It can be washed and reused, avoiding the usual dirtiness problems of putties for rehabilitation.

The “Handgym” is made of a mineral gel enriched by Rose Hip Oil to help skin hydratation while using the ball. Its ball shape fits the hand perfectly, even when using it between fingers.

The “Handgym” is very easy and pleasant to manipulate/exercise with. There is a wide range of possible movements which will help you to exercise fingers, wrist and forearm muscles.

Using it regularly will improve the strength, increasing dexterity and mobility as well; It will develop motor skills and propioception, stimulating hand moving.

Main Uses:

  • Development and improvement of propioception.
  • Hand and forearm muscle strengthening.
  • Mobility and “light touch” Improvement.
  • Rheumatoids’ joint decongestion.
  • Stress reduction.
  • Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) Treatment

The “Handgym” is made in 3 different densities, which makes it a perfect tool for every stage of the hand rehabilitation process.

3 hardness available:

Code 91-01 SOFT 1 box contains 12 soft balls
Code 91-02 MEDIUM 1 box contains 12 medium balls
Code 91-03 HARD 1 box contains 12 hard balls
Code 91-04 MIDEX 1 box contains 4 soft + 4 medium + 4 hard

Download HandGym brochure to see different exercise options


The “Handgym” will have a long life if it is suitably used.

If it gets dirty, wash it with warm soapy water, rinse and dry carefully with a cloth towel (a paper towel is not recommended, as it would leave lint on the surface).

Talcum Powder could be used to prevent the ball from getting tacky.