01/23/2013 AlivioVisco ® Category: Products news

ALIVIO VISCO® Gel Pads are a support surface for pressure sore management that combines 2 technologies to provide superior pressure spread and a high rate of heat dispersion along with a durable adhesion on dry skin.

ALIVIO VISCO ® Gel Pads bring demonstrable savings in Hospital costs, reducing time of medical staff in monitoring tasks, and also reducing the consumption of more expensive adhesive ulcer healing pads.

Two unique compounds:

Viscoelastic Foam
Sheets are made of a Hypoallergenic Open-Shell Thermo Sensitive Viscoelastic Foam which changes state depending on pressure and body temperature. It brings perfect adaptability to any anatomic shape, distributing weight uniformly to the largest possible area. Its open shell technology makes it  breathable with a high rate of heat distribution.

Sheets are made with a thin layer of Hypoallergenic Adherent Silicone, providing correct adhesion on dry skin. Amongst other products, Alivio Gel Pads maintain their adhesive properties without losing effectiveness each time you remove to check the state of the skin. They can be washed and reused after drying naturally.