FRESCO’ Silicones have been used since 1985 by Podiatrists all over the world.

Our Silicones are easy to use. With them you will achieve the palliative, corrective or substitutive orthosis* you need.

* An orthosis is a handmade device that podiatrists use to protect, correct and substitute feet and toe disorders. 

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Video also available in Spanish and French languages.
Also in English with Dutch subtitles.

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Introduction to Fresco Silicones Video:

This video explains and demonstrates all the major steps involved in making a silicone orthosis.

  • Choose adequate hardness selecting the correct density of  silicone
  • Make an Orthosis:  Using Duo Silicones and Silicones with Catalyst
  • Repairing an orthosis with liquid silicones
  • Making an orthosis using tube  gauze and liquid silicones
  • Tips, recommendations and common  errors