Research & Development

Fresco invests strongly in R&D for the search for new products. We aim to cover the daily needs of professional doctors and patients with top quality and innovative products.

We have our own in-house R&D lab, investing resources in the search of new raw materials, new products and improving the design of old ones.


We also offer the possibility to develop customised pieces and products for our customers. We have the ability to start from a pencil drawn design and be able to offer a final product in a short space of time at reduced costs.


Every year we develop new products and new markets using our available tools: raw material and technological knowhow. An example would be our Visco-elastic and Gel Wheelchair Cushion Range.


Our R&D work is carried out to ensure that our product meet CE and FDA Health Products regulations. We strive to make sure that our raw materials only come from providers who comply with the same regulations as we state in our own Medical Manufacturing License.