Today, Fresco exports to more than 50 countries covering all continents. We are flexible in our approach to business making sure we satisfy the needs of the many different countries we distribute into.

We still remain specialist in the area of Podiatry even though our expansion has meant that we have become involved in other Health care categories.

Many different markets recognise our capability to provide a quality product with good service and reliability. We have long since built personal relationships with our long standing clients, having distributors in Belgium, Italy and Finland who have been working with us for more than 20 years.

During the 90’s, Fresco started to showcase its products on the sectors most important international trade fairs. These trade shows, through the years, have become a meeting point with our clients, where we show them our new products and strengthen the ties of our commercial relationship through personal attention.

Our export departments has been growing steadily at the same pace as the company, becoming one of the pillars of the firm.